AdClass is a case-driven consulting class with communications solutions, geared towards the development of a strategic, end-to-end marketing plan to be presented at the NSAC competition in April 2018.

Think of it like W&L’s very own full service media agency.

1 CEO | The CEO is the brainchild of the entire operation. He or she guides the process and assigns responsibilities to members of the team.

1 Account Executive | The Account Executive (AE) gets to know the client, their competition, and the industry in which the client operates. The Account Executive is charged with advocating for the client’s needs and communicating these needs to the class. The AE is responsible for researching how the client will respond to strategies proposed by the account planners.

3-4 Account Planners | Account Planners are typically comprised of students from a wide range of majors. In the past Account Planners have included psychology, anthropology, business and philosophy majors. Account Planners do qualitative research of the target market.

They identify problems within the target market and work to develop consumer insights. Planners write a creative brief that describes the brand strategy and the target market.

3-4 Media Strategists | Media Strategists take the strategy that the account planners create and find a way to place the message in front of the consumer. They determine what types of media should be used and the best ways to get consumers to interact with that media.

2 Data Analysts | Data and Analytics Executives sort through survey data, AE and Account Planner research, and media databases to find trends and draw conclusions. They work hand in hand with AEs, Planners, and Communication Strategists throughout the research process.

3 New Business (Plans Book Design) | The New Business team is responsible for persuasively communicating the campaign’s strategy. Their main task is to create the plans book (a magazine type-publication that summarizes the campaign) and the presentation. Generally these team members either know design software or more importantly are willing to learn how to use it.

4-6 Creatives | The creative team will be split between 2-3 Art Directors, 2-3 Copywriters and at least one Video Specialist among the entire division. Copywriters and Art Directors execute the strategy determined by the Account Planners.

Art Directors are not necessarily “artists” but they certainly have a creative gene.  They create the vision for the advertisements and help determine how the ads speak to the client. Art directors create the executions (images, video, etc.) that turn into the campaign’s ads.

Copywriters have an appreciation for words. They work closely with the Art Directors to write the copy for the advertisements. They will also work closely with the New Business Team to edit the final plans book.

The Video Specialist will be a member of either creative division but will also be in charge of directing, filming, and editing video executions.



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