Applications are due October 17th at 9:00 pm. 

There are three parts to the AdClass application.

  1. The Google Form, which provides us with an overview of you and your skills.
  2. The Required Challenges: You must do all three of these, described below.
  • 1/2 Page Letter of Interest: Describe both how you could help AdClass, as well as how you hope to benefit from it. If you have other valuable skills/knowledge bases that were not assessed in the above questionnaire or that need more explanation than simply a line on a resume, this is the place to include them. This includes other classes you may have taken that were not included on the earlier checklist.
  • Post-Secret Execution: Execution similar to Choose one of two topic: 1) A good reason to remember you or 2) Why you’d be good in the class.
  • Six Word Story: Tell a six word story of your experience at Washington and Lee. Examples:

3. The Skills challenges: Please select at least two of the skills challenges and execute them.

Challenge 1: Sherlock
• Take a photo of a group of 2 or more people you don’t know.
• What can you figure out about the dynamics of this group without talking to them? What observations can you make? Is there a leader? What can you tell us about any of the individuals? Is there a story?
• In ½ a page (or even bullet points), give us your insight into this group.
Challenge 2: Picture This
• Choose 2 topics from the list below. For each choice create a piece of art (photograph, sketch, painting, any medium you like) that depicts the topic.
1. Your Favorite Lannister from Game of Thrones
2. Co-op at 11:30 pm on a Friday night.
3. How you feel during WebAdvisor registration.
Challenge 3: Jazz it Up
• Visit The Wall Street Journal’s Homepage and select an article. Using any software you know, design a magazine page (8.5x11in) around the text of the article you have (you do not need to include the full length of the article). You are free to include any images or charts you would like. No citations are required, but let us know what software you used.
Challenge 4: Oh, the Places We Go
• Communication Strategists are responsible for placing the campaign’s message in front of the target market. Study this image, looking for places where your marketing firm could place ads. Use your imagination and push the limits on potential placement spots in the picture. How could an ad in this setting be incorporated with social media, mobile advertisements, etc.?
• Create a list of media placements and structure it with what you believe to be the most effective placements at the top. Traditional, nontraditional, social/digital media, new media, it’s all fair game.
Challenge 5: Mood Board
• Different liquors have different stereotypes. You are creating a new brand of tequila or scotch that needs to differentiate itself in the market.
• Make a “Mood Board” on Pinterest with at least 15 images that describes the tone, feeling, look, and aesthetic of the brand.
• In the ‘Description’ section of the board, pitch your brand. How does this brand speak? What does it feel/look/sound like? Include 3 things that your brand should not communicate.
Challenge 6: Value to Evaluate 
• Just as you would value a company for a merger or acquisition, determine the return value of a social media marketing spend for a company of your choice.
• How much would you spend and why?
• What kind of return would you see?
• Show us how you would arrive at your figures
• This should be no longer than one page and should not take you more than an hour

When you are finished,

  • Please combine what you did in Parts 2 & 3 into a single PDF. You can take photos of images (like your Postsecret, for example) and insert them into a PowerPoint or a Word doc (or other), and copy & paste any text into the same document, etc.
  • Be sure all of these elements are in order & labeled (“Skills Challenge: Sherlock”).
  • Save the whole document as <lastname_firstname.PDF> So for example, Prof Bower’s application would be Bower_Amanda.pdf.
  • Upload that PDF to
  • If you have other PDFs from that you’d like to share with us, please re-name that file w/ your name and some indication of what the file is about. For example, if the document is something from a summer internship, you’d rename it as Bower_AmandaArtPortfolio.pdf . If there’s anything else you want to submit that’s not PDF-able, feel free to let us know, or drop it off outside of Prof. Bower’s office when you submit your application.

For all of you people abroad, you can still apply! Just make sure to have your application submitted by October 17th at 9:00 PM EST. 


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