Q  |  What is the official course name and how many credits will I receive?

A  |  BUS 370- Integrated Marketing Communications. 4 credits. AdClass includes a lab, usually on Friday afternoons.

Q  |  Do I have to be a business major to take AdClass?

A  |  Absolutely not! Last year we had 19 different majors and minors- from business to sociology to studio art. We encourage all majors to apply. That’s what sets us apart and why the liberal arts are a great place to get started in advertising.

Q  |  How hard is it to get in?

A  |  Good question, and unfortunately I can’t really answer it well. It depends on how many qualified people apply for the various spots. If I have 20 people qualified for one group, and 4 qualified for another, then it really depends on what category you fall into. The more groups you are qualified for, the better of a chance you have. The more qualified you are for a single group, the better of a chance you have. What you can’t do is look around the room at the presentation and think you have a “one in # of people in the room” chance of getting in.

Q  |  Who is this year’s client?

A  |  Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Q  |  I’m doing my thesis within my major. Will I be able to handle AdClass as well?

A  |  Honestly, it depends on whether you are a procrastinator or not. If you can work on one while the other one is sorta quiet, then you’d be fine. But if you only work as a deadline approaches, you’ll probably have a problem. It is your call as to whether you can do it or not. However, if you choose to join this class, you have the responsibility to your colleagues to do your part.

Q  |  Would it be possible for me to audit AdClass?

A  |  No.

Q  |  Do you have to rank preferences for all the positions, or can you just apply to one/two?

A  |  You don’t have to apply for all positions. You can apply for as many or as few as you’d like. Just leave the ones you aren’t interested in blank.

Q  |  I did a critique on an ad for one of my sociology/marketing/art/etc. classes. It’s longer than a half page but is this something you would be interested in seeing?

A  |  I’m sure your analysis is interesting but I’ll have a lot of reading. Plus, it’s good to learn how to write more succinctly. You are welcome to cut your analysis for that class down to 1/2 a page. However, be sure you address the ad’s effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in the answer.

Q  |  What’s the portfolio for again? Should the “portfolio” simply consist of advertising materials? Is that what you’re looking for there?

A  |  The portfolio is optional for some- if someone is applying for, say, Art Director, I’ll need evidence of their visually artistic skills. If someone is applying for Account Supervisor, this is less of an issue. The portfolio is whatever further evidence you might have of your fit for a specific position.

Q  |  What time will the class be offered?

A  |  We are still setting a time for class meetings, but there will be a lab period Friday afternoons. I know these aren’t the best times, but to paraphrase Winston Churchill, “It is the worst time to offer a class, except for all the other times.”


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